Decals and badges
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4WD sticker on front doors


~ black

~ silver

~ chrome

black 9€ 500-03-b
silver 9€ 500-03-s
chrome 12€ 500-03-ch
Syncro sticker on front




black 15€ 500-02-b
silver 15€ 500-02-s
Syncro decal set

It is ready cut for your vanagon,
double cab,single cab and westfalia

The Syncro 4x4 is cut off ,
means you can see your paint of the car

We have worked together with
VW-Wolfsburg for these decals

The set include 6 pieces and a instruction
for paste the decals on your car

silver/grey 125€ 500-01-s
PUCH badge

You will nowhere find this stuff

But we have the best and cheapest way
to produce and mount this badge

Without drill a hole
and you don´t will loose it

chrome ???€ 500-04-ch
Syncro badge on back of the car

out of stock

only good used with new glue

chrome 20€ 251-853-675
Tristar decal for the front under the windscreen

Very hard to find but we have this decal in programm for your tristar syncro and 2WD

silver/colorful 25€ 500-05-sc

All parts are new and all in stock

Transport rates to your country:

delivery time price
Germany: 1 week 7 €
Europa: 1 week 20€
USA: 2 weeks 28€

other countries:

2-3 weeks 35€
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